We carry wheel alignment equipment - Laser 4 Wheel Alignment Systems, wheel alignment first/front surface replacement mirrors, Rotary RTI Laser 4 Wheel Alignment replacement battery holders, extra Rotary wheel clamps/heads and more.

This site was established to sell wheel alignment automotive equipment I acquired a few years ago. As I refurbish additional wheel alignment equipment and other automotive equipment, I will list and sell it here.

The Laser 4 Wheel Alignment system is a must have, much wanted, set of wheel alignment equipment for drag racers, track racers, drifters, off roaders, companies with a vehicle fleet or simply a DIY garage mechanic. The Rotary Laser 4 Wheel Alignment system is simple to use and can be used at home in your garage or out on location. This is an identical wheel alignment system as the RTI Laser 4 Wheel Alignment System. If you would like to view the Operational/Owners Training Manual, send me an email and I will send you a PDF copy.

All wheel alignment equipment have been extensively refurbished. I started with 50+ wheel alignment sets, took the best of the best alignment parts, sand blasted and painted, wire wheel ed, oiled, ect., I ended up with tested and perfectly functional wheel alignment sets and a few extras with more to come. Even though all wheel alignment parts have been oiled, wrapped in paper, and sealed in plastic they will have cosmetic tarnishing on the bare metal parts, so please don't expect "new" equipment.

I accept all major credit cards, please visit my "buy now" link.

Thank you for visiting my site and please contact me if you have any questions regarding this wheel alignment equipment.